Product overview

Secure DNS is a intelligence-driven internet traffic protection system that

  • detects advanced malware in your network
  • blocks malicious web content, and
  • prevents data leakage if your network is infected.

Updated with around 70,000 new malicious domains every day, the system draws upon our security analysts’ extensive surveillance of hacker groups, botnets, drop-data sites, domain generation algorithms and malicious command & control servers. 

Fast and easy
Implementation takes less than 15 minutes. A small configuration change in the Internet-facing DNS servers of your organisation is all that’s needed. You retain your existing DNS infrastructure and avoid a painful rip and replace experience.

Your choice of 3 editions:

  • Secure DNS Basic – with limited statistical capabilities.
  • Secure DNS+ – with full statistical capability, including advanced client traffic identification.
  • Managed Secure DNS – extends Secure DNS+ with real-time notifications and human analysis.

Key features

  • Continuous updates with no administration or maintenance.
  • No downtime, no service interruptions.
  • No software installation*, configuration changes or server reboots needed.
  • Automatically covers all computers and devices in your network.
  • Designed for strict eDNS compliance.
  • Web-based administration interface.
  • Low-maintenance, streamlined and standards-based.
  • Strong, actionable intelligence.
  • Implementation within 15 minutes. 

           *  For Secure DNS+ and Managed Secure DNS, a small log forwarder is installed on client-facing DNS servers.


  • Significantly raises your security bar.
  • Minimises your administrative costs.
  • Protects your most vulnerable infrastructure.
  • Prevents lost revenue, lost intellectual property (IP), and lost productivity
  • Frees up your internal resources.
  • Presents a real-time overview of your current security status. 

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