A single vulnerability can act as an open door to criminals.
Malicious actors determined to gain control of your business will find it.


  • Improve your security posture
  • Determine whether your critical assets and data are actually at risk
  • Avoid financial, operational and reputational losses caused by cyber attacks
  • Identify cyber security weaknesses before an attacker exploits them
  • Get quantitative results that help measure the risk associated with your critical assets
  • Gain insight into attacker motivations and most likely targets

Penetration tests may include, but are not limited to

  • Scanning for systems that are not updated
  • Exposing insufficient network protection
  • Use of weak user credentials
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities in embedded devices
  • Try to gain domain admin credentials
  • Extraction of data

Scope and duration

A standard penetration test requires that the laptop has a continuous supply of power and continuous access to the customer network for the entire duration of the test. A standard penetration test is carried out over a 2-4 week period.

A technical report usually takes 1-2 days to create, but may take a day longer if the number of vulnerabilities found are excessive, or if a management summary is required.



  • High level executive summary (PowerPoint in either Danish or English).
  • A technical section (in English), including weighted risk levels and general observations.

Additional options

  • An extended management summary document.
  • Risks and consequences.
  • Proof of concept.

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