Discover security weaknesses in your IT setup before they are exploited by a malicious third party.

A cyber security gap analysis determines the differences between the present and ideal state of cyber security within your organisation. It is a vital risk assessment tool and a crucial element of any business continuity planning.


  • Learn where best to focus your attention and budget

  • Improve IT security

  • Identify the organisation’s cyber security risks

  • Prioritise projects that will raise the organisation’s cyber security

  • Gauge your level of cyber security maturity.

Scope and duration of our standard gap analysis

Our standard gap analysis takes 3-5 days to complete, including two workshop days, plus processing of responses and report compiling.

However, the duration of a standard gap analysis varies, depending on the nature of your business and IT setup.



 Spreadsheet with overall results of the analysis

  • Overall distribution of responses.
  • Distribution of responses in 20 key areas.
  • Recommended projects, weighted for easy prioritisation.

  Spreadsheet with all the responses, assigned priorities, etc. 

  • Grouping of issues in various projects
  • Recommended project plan.

 Overview and description of each recommended project

  • A list of projects
  • A synopsis of each project. 

  Powerpoint slide deck for sharing results internally 

  • All salient points covered
  • Terms your peers will understand.

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